Fradley Junction Nature Reserve: Nov 2009
Fradley Pool Nature Reserve is a canal reservoir at the junction of the Trent & Mersey and Coventry canals. The reserve is an important wetland area home to a wide variety of birdlife. In conjunction with British Waterways, BCV have built a tern raft on the reservoir. The floating timber platform should be an ideal breeding site for common terns as it is well out of the reach of predators such as foxes. We have positioned the raft in the middle of the lake so it is easily viewed from the bird hide.
Constructing the tern raft Flotation device
Constructing the tern raft Adding the flotation device (blocks of polystyrene)
Finishing touches Launch ceremony
Applying the finishing touches to the woodwork before adding pebbles to make it a more natural habitat. The launch ceremony. In the absence of champagne we had to make do with a squirt of orange juice!
Towing the raft Towing the raft
The raft is towed away from the bank Moving the raft to its final position in the middle of the lake before anchoring it down with concrete blocks and chains.